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The tax planning team needs to consist of three personnel, as follows;
  1. Accountant
  2. Chief Financial Controller
  3. Project Controller

Once the tax planning team is formed you need to establish eligibility for your organisation's potential access to the investment allowance.

The roles of each team member as follows;

  1. Accountant
    To work within the team to provide information about the current financial position of the company and more specifically the cashflow forecast of the company.

  2. Chief Financial Officer (CFO)
    The role of the CFC within the team is to provide long term strategic financial information about the direction of the company.

  3. Project Controller
    The project controller needs to provide the other team members with the future capital equipment requirements of the company.

Once the company's capital equipment requirements have been decided based on the future strategic direction of the company, cash flow estimates need to be produced. These should include forecasted income and financing costs.

Now the big question, 'How do we access the governments' investment allowance?, lets take a look at the steps